I walk alone but it seems someone is by my side

Will I walk over it? It’s really hard to decide

As the moonlight kisses the street

Sound of wind to the trees

Quiet after the storm leaves

A suicide which hold my last breathe

Begins to creep inside as a threat

Leaving the dark will set us apart

Opening the light as my shadow departs

This is a photo of myself, staring at the window of a restaurant when i went to famous Banaue Rice Terraces last year of June. It’s worth the “diehike” to get to this small town called Batad just to see this amazing handmade rice fields made by Ifugaos. 

More fun in the Philippines! 😍

#WIMtern Task 2 [Sea WonderWoman]

“Welcome to machine shop”

Attention cadets!

Safety first as always, put that jumper on, overall. The helmet or goggles for your eyes please. Lastly, never treat this place like playground.

Men rule this room full of machineries. I am the only woman in this class. Oils and steels will steer my hands, sweat like an ice cold water in a glass, as a seafarer someday. I need to learn to make my own tools. There’s no excuse for this, whenever supplies ran out. It has to be replaced right away. Being away from the land, and carrying passengers on your spine as an engineer, mistakes should have no place.

Iron floating in the sea. Our beloved ship, will be needed some tender loving care as the barnicles, mussels and rust will be appearing and sticking to her like her boyfriend. Iron and salt in chemistry manners, they never been friends in the history, just saying.

In this class it’s all about molding each pieces of metals into shapes that will fit to each other like jigsaw puzzle. Strong arms that will twitch and grip this machine for the product of perfection. What a beauty in this work once you finish and see your own piece, bolt and screw. It made me realise that I can also be that man, who can do these things. It’s starting to get really fun and exciting when I am starting to polish the product, I created with my bare little hands. I never needed a man to help me out on this, ofcourse except my professor. I want to learn on my own, but there will be times that you will be in a group, cooperation and unity have won wars just like the Trojan horse story anyway.

Underneath the deck, the heart of the ship. Every reasons for this ship to sail in that big blue sea, surfing against the waves will be in our hands. Moving back together whatever loosen up and off their right positions, replacing each parts if it cannot be repair anymore. Nothing is easy, even you already have these angel in disguise machines to make things a lot easier, believe me it can also be your nightmare. Long attention span like watching Goblin(the trending Korean movie). Focus is a must. As forceful and sharp this amazing technology, don’t forget that it sharpen tools and polish edges, and it cuts that thick piece of iron! It can also cut you into pieces, effortlessly. Jeez, not my hands. I cannot live without!

As you grip, treat it like your ex that made you a fool. As you cut, think of that someone that never stop using her tongue. Lastly, polish that dirty mind off yours.

However, For all women out there, who wants to be a marine engineer and love challenging these society’s laws that some work can only be done by man. I want to be an example that we can do this too! Never lose that confidence to see what’s out there, to get paid by generous amount of cash and to travel for free, now we’re talking. Bon voyage!


Sa lamesa, una naming pinagsaluhan

Iyaka’t tawanan sa plato ng hapunan

Tunog ng mga kubyertos tila’y nagsasayawan

Pagsasama-sama ng pamilya sa bawat kainan.


Sa Diyos, kami’y nananalig

Nawa’y panatiliin ang pag-ibig

Sa aming diwa’y manaig, sa tiyan ay busugin

Pagmamahala’t pagkakaisa naming panalangin.


Sa harap din nito, nabuluna’t natuto

Masasarap na pagkain ng aming inang niluluto

Sermon ni amang naging mga panghimagas

Sa aming puso’t isipan hinding-hindi kukupas.


Nagpapasalama’t nagagalak

Kaibiga’y naging sandalan sa baso ng alak

Walang humpay na kwentuhan

Kahit umaga nang inabutan.

Ala-ala ng lahat mula pagkabata

Dito naka-ukit, nanatili sa panlasa ng dila’t mga mata

Kahit sa unang paghakbang, naging alalay

Isang kahoy, na pinagbuklod ang maraming buhay.

Cheers! #WIMTern

She writes to bite & kiss

To give her peace,

Poison but a bliss

She does, her own beast,

Written in the stars

Tattooed with scars,

Beautiful soul as art

A riddle to a foolish heart,

Let’s touch the clouds above

Or unchain oneself like a dove,

Held her hands to see the sunrise

Look at her, those lovely eyes,

Sailing on sea of tears

Surfing with darkness and fears,

Floating heads in the sky

You may pick the moon & fly,

Woman painted by season

You’re a magnificent creation,

Puzzle to thread

She’s what you’ve read,

Wilderness of amazing minds

Taunted by blinds,

Wisdom grows like tree

In time, for free

Time ticks, as the heart beats. I am Kristia Mae Tendenilla, 20 years old. I live in Quezon City. My one and only dream is to inspire and express my thoughts in the name of creativity. The investment of my colourful mind to offer, as an exchange. If it will help to pay for my rent, food and give me the ticket to Mars. I can only be grateful for the opportunity.

I fell in love with writings since then. The day I get started to explore nature, I’ve seen the reflection of myself right in front of me. Embracing the thrill and excitement of adventures. The experienced were priceless.

Someone took minimalism to the extreme, even herself should fit in the suitcase.



Being born was a chance, to live is a choice

With dash of love, pour that wine with some passion

Wrinkles on their faces, there’s no escape

Even hairs turned white as snow

A cup to share to the living



Breathing has never been easy, to live to the “foolest”, unlike smooth red wine down to my throat. I’ve been traveling whenever, wherever, it is my pocket that dictates the destination. It never always has to be dime as expensive, back packing and minimalism is the life-saver in this “cheap Charlie” trips. I get a chance to dance and celebrate my existence before the crust will swallow my bed someday, after hundreds of years. In my journey, I’ve met tons of amazing people in the day or night, these busy ants are everywhere, we are kinda crowded in this planet. Torch of my soul fires up. Even in the middle of darkness, there’s a gift lingers in every corner, painted in the walls as ceiling of stars in the sky at night.
I am flexible to be part of this team because I know, this is where I will excel more in this career. It encourages like-minded people to work in the same venture with enjoyment and passion.
I usually stayed at home recently, go cycling, hiking and eating has been my hobby as well. I just finished my first book called “Womanly Wisdom(Heart of A Warrior)” that hopefully will win million of hearts. It’s only a daydreaming for now. The truth is, it’s enough for me that there’s something I can have as an intellectual property and also to motivate people to embrace their potential. I owed it from God, family and friends. They’re my oasis in the desert, my light house while I am sailing. I’ve never been lost because of their loving and kind heart towards me.

If this is my break to get this internship you are offering, I will be happily to accept and work for it the best my brain can imagine. Thank you so much!